We offer a wide array of Timber Moulds of different types and sizes. Please take a look through our projects and examples of ways in which timber moulds can be utilised.

At 3D Pattern and Mould Makers Ltd, we understand that sustainability and the environment is an essential factor to consider, which is why we have considered these issues. We aim to source the materials we use, with the understanding that they are supplied from well-managed forests. For example, we have sourced materials from FSC certified suppliers.

We also aim to work closely with you to ensure that you receive the timber mould that fits your purpose. We will also ensure that the quality provided is matched by the high level of service you receive. Our high-quality timber moulds can be delivered to anywhere in the UK; therefore, no matter where your project is, we can help.

Our team and facilities are well equipped to build timber moulds of any size, once constructed, the mould parts are treated with up to three coats of polyurethane mould varnish, this ensures that the finish on the precast is excellent. During the construction process, we can also add rubber gaskets which prevent grout loss.

The examples you can see below are from several successful projects we have worked on, and you can see just how versatile timber moulds can be, helping to form anything from a bridge unit to a radial wall panel.

If you have any questions about our timber mould manufacture, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team at 3D Pattern and Mould Maker’s Ltd is always on hand to help answer any pressing questions or queries you might have about our products or services.