Rubber is the material of choice when faced with the manufacture of a mould which may be heavily detailed, we are finding that we are using rubber as a material more so as architects and designers push the boundaries presenting new challenges for precast manufacturers and mould makers alike.

At 3D Pattern and Mould Makers, we use rubber to produce large form liners which are used in the production of façade panels. Rubber moulds are capable of creating detailed, intricate and eye-catching designs that can add to or transform any construction project.

We predominantly use PU rubber for large formliner manufacture as it is a most durable product and the results for the end-user are always pleasing. Where more intricate cast stone is produced, we tend to use a silicone rubber material which is far better suited for such projects due to its flexibility.

The examples shown below offer some idea of the broad spectrum of work that can be undertaken using rubber as a material, they also demonstrate how rubber as a product can be used in conjunction with other mould making materials, such as timber and GRP.

We offer a wide array of rubber moulds of different types and sizes. Look through our projects and examples of ways in which rubber moulds can be utilised.

If you have any questions about our rubber moulds, do not hesitate to contact a member of the 3D Pattern and Mould Maker’s team. Our friendly team at 3D Pattern and Mould Maker’s is always on hand to help answer any questions you might have.