Here at 3D Pattern and Mouldmakers, we craft bespoke timber moulds to suit a multitude of projects. From large scale infrastructure projects through to general house construction, focusing on sustainable and high-quality timber allows us to produce moulds that perfectly suit your needs. For all businesses, sustainability is key and as well as our timber stocks being sourced to mirror this, timber moulds are also fairly easy to adapt by adding change pieces etc to be able to cast more than one unit type. Timber moulds are used to produce anything from a simple coping stone to a helical staircase and everything in between, in short, there are very few limitations.

In this blog, we’ll talk about how they can help produce consistent quality.

Creating Consistency

Architects are continually pushing the boundaries of design and interplay between units is paramount to the overall presentation of the finished project. By using templates as checking aids and using advancements in technology such as CAD we know that each unit when cast will marry up to the preceding unit.

Protecting Your Mould

Timber moulds are lined with birch plywood generally with any pinholes being filled and sanded smooth. 3 coats of industry-standard formwork varnish are then applied and give an excellent finish to the mould. Where a larger quantity of units is required to be cast from a mould, a tissue finish can be recommended. A tissue finish is a fine fibreglass tissue mat, impregnated with resin and sanded smooth once cured, this is a most effective means of protecting the face of a mould.

Create Uniformed Stairs

Many businesses choose timber moulds to create uniformed staircases. These types of moulds can be crafted in a range of ornate or minimalist styles, they can be used to create various components of a stairway such as corner units and landings. We also manufacture stair moulds that offer a superior finish to treads, risers and soffits, for units that require a fair finish to all seen faces.

Bespoke Timber Moulds from 3d Pattern and Mould Makers

The beauty of timber moulds is how versatile they can be. Our team can produce bespoke and custom-design moulds that suit your project and the aesthetic goals for your contract. This means producing ornate or simple profiles to suit the desired section of stone. Where corner returns are included, these can be built into either end of a mould and be cast using a division, in essence, one mould could have the capability of producing straight units and a left and right-hand unit in order to fit your budget and requirements. If you would like to discuss an individual project or speak to a member of our team about our services, please do get in contact today.