CAD or Computer-Aided-Design has become a revolution within many industries. Launched back in 1982 and continually developed every single year, this assisted design process makes it easy to turn specific requirements into fully-functioning products and components. Today, the variety of industries making use of this technology is vast, with everyone from interior designers through to architects and electrical engineers finding beneficial uses. And alongside these, the construction industry is also a significant player when it comes to CAD-assisted manufacture.

What is CAD

CAD is a design process where computers are programmed to assist in the creation, adaption, analysis and finalisation of a design. It allows users to input demands into a programme and an automated system to recreate these into a design and then a physical product. The process was originally used solely for research purposes, but from the1970ss companies moved forward and in 1990, AutoCAD made it possible for this technology to be used more widely.

How is CAD used in the construction industry?

The construction industry embodies a wide range of professions, from architects through to tradesmen and subcontractors. CAD has become a vital tool for many areas of this business.


Professional architects make use of CAD to produce drawings and sketches that help them to determine the structural integrity of a building before it is built. This ensures projects are approached from the safest angle and there is a reduced risk of error. Many CAD programmes are also integrated into cloud-sharing systems, ensuring larger groups of professionals can work on them.


Manufacturers supplying to the construction industry use CAD to create exacting components for specific jobs. An automated system such as this ensures that each piece is manufactured to very detailed specifications, ensuring it works as needed and meets the requirements of the project.

At 3D Pattern and Mouldmakers, we use CAD alongside our CNC Routers to ensure moulds and patterns are made to absolute precision. You can learn more about our CNC Router services and the ways that our CAD team can support your project by getting in contact with us here today.